Gulden Communications is a strategic communications consultancy with offices in Cleveland, Ohio and Budapest, Hungary, and a global network of professional contacts. With over 30 years' experience in Europe and the USA, multi-national companies regularly turn to us for professional advice in strategic communications. We counsel multinational and local clients in media relations, preparedness planning, crisis communications, and issues management, often acting as corporate spokesperson. We also conduct high-level media training and crisis simulation courses for senior management.

Preparedness planning /
Crisis communications

You receive information that is potentially damaging to your company. Tomorrow’s newspapers and, within hours, the electronic media will be full of news that will negatively affect your company’s reputation. Are you prepared to effectively handle the situation and minimize the risks?

Gulden Communications’ Crisis Preparedness and Management approach ensures that your company is constantly prepared for situations where its assets come under attack from issues such as the economic crisis, downsizing and closures, mergers and acquisitions and other unforeseen circumstances. And because the best time to deal with a crisis situation is before it occurs, Gulden Communications will help you to proactively identify and manage key issues by tracking vulnerabilities and counseling your company on the implication and management of those issues. Should a crisis situation arise, experienced counselors are dispatched immediately to assist you in implementing the appropriate response strategy, thus protecting your company and your brand.

Media Training

Public performances present regular and serious challenges to business people and public servants alike. The proper message requires precise and compelling communications towards the public to maintain the company’s or institution’s credibility. The goal of the training is to ensure that the participants can face the challenges of a professional public performance. Special emphasis is placed on situations arising from crises and crisis communications, when a company or institution faces a financial crisis, downsizing, plant closing, merger or acquisition, or other, unexpected situations.

In Budapest, the interactive training, which includes simulations, videotaping and analysis, is led by Julianna Gulden, Managing Director of Gulden Communications, and Péter Rózsa, one of Hungary’s most respected TV and radio presenters. The team includes additional journalists and cameramen. In order to ensure the highest level of reality possible, the training is held at a downtown TV studio, where participants can practice and perfect the communications techniques learned.

Online training

Online crisis communications counseling! We often hear from clients in the hot seat — and in need of immediate communications assistance and counseling. They may have only a few hours to prepare for an interview, a TV or radio debate, or an emergency press conference. At times like these, there’s just not enough time to put together a training team, rent the TV studio, prepare reams of Q&A’s, etc. They need help fast and they need it now. Based on decades of hands-on media experience, as well as years of managing client crises, we can help our clients through the early, critical stages of a crisis when and where they need it the most. Call us no matter how much — or how little — time you have!